Ryan Dell'Orfano - VYRE Festival Director

David Hill - Emeritus Director and Chairman of The Board at VYRE Network

David Hill known as Mr. DMH is one of a kind and best recognized for promoting a variety of events early on in his career. Born in 1979, Mr. DMH acquired his passion for working in entertainment at the young age of 14 1/2. Surrounded by musical and film influences, he got his start when he began promoting local parties, beginning with an event at the Pennsauken Convention Center in N.J. DMH’s work in promotions would eventually transition over to 21 and older clubs in Philadelphia and other local cities.

After a couple of years of events and experiencing various business deals in entertainment DMH’s life hit a turning point which started his journey in media, music, publishing, production, consulting and asset management. DMH utilized his media platform to enhance various avenues of entertainment business which is giving him a lane of his own.  DMH is a master mind in business structures and marketing strategies. Some associates say he is an Ice Berg of information and ventures that shows a humble philanthropic style of forward thinking.

Lamar Seay - Festival Director and Co-Founder of VYRE Network

Lamar Seay, originally from New Jersey, is known for his creativity, his passion for what’s “next” and interviewing some of the music industry’s biggest artists such as Common, 2 Chains, and the list goes on. He has played Chief Editor at True Magazine and RnB Magazine for a few years before moving on to assist in the groundwork for creating a cannabis investment industry media outlet, Cashcroptoday.com. After that venture, he and Dave Hill teamed up once again to create VYRE Network, with a small dedicated team based in North Hollywood, California. A few years later, VYRE has grown into the new “cool table” of streaming, with its audience appreciating the focus on the indie market.


US / Spanish / International Grand Prizes

Grand Prizes recognizes a film, episodic series, and documentary in its category as the best from the film community this year. All winners will receive global distribution and full marketing & public relations budgets to take their amazing work to the next level. Awards will be given for the following categories; Comedy, Thriller, Drama, Horror, Action & Adventure


Best Director Prizes  

Recognizes Directors for their talent in putting an idea on the screen for the world to see from the opinions of the film community this year. All winners will receive an agreement to direct Vyre Originals.


The Redd Foxx Comedy Award  

Recognize a comedian for their talent on stage giving the world laughter in various charismatic ways from the opinions of the film community this year. The winner will be awarded an agreement for a comedy special or star in an episodic series as a Vyre Original


The Social Awareness Award  

Recognize the creativity to bring awareness to a social issue through film from the opinions of the film community this year. The winner will be awarded an production agreement to push their creativity and continue their mission


The ThinkWatts HQ Young Creators Award  

Recognize the talent and creativity that the next generation of filmmakers will be bringing to the world from the opinions of the film community this year. The winner will be awarded camera equipment, a scholarship to film school and to have Vyre Networks resource be a base for their future creativity.

Our Code

VYRE Network and its Sub Companies such as VYRE Film Festival is an environment where innovative, creative, and distinctive talents in film are celebrated.

We are committed to allowing attendees to experience VYRE Film Festival free of harassment, discrimination, sexism, and threatening or disrespectful behavior. We reserve the right to revoke, without notice or refund, credentials or access to Festival events and venues for those who engage in any such conduct.

We have will have a office and 24-hour live hotline during the Festival for those who are involved in or witness any conduct that violates this code of conduct 

For emergencies, immediately dial 9-1-1.