10 Questions You Would Ask a Film Festival Producer

Vyre Network, a streaming service spread all around the world, will hold its first Vyre Film Festival on November 11, 2020. On that day, the door will open for the world to see a beautiful selection of films created by unique filmmakers.

So, for filmmakers wondering about this new film festival, you may have quite a few questions in mind, especially the veteran filmmakers who have participated in many festivals before. For new participants of film festivals, these are the questions you may want to ask a film festival producer when going into film festivals. We have compiled 10 questions you would ask a film festival producer:

1. How does this festival foster relationships between filmmakers and other filmmakers?

2. How does this festival foster relationships between filmmakers and producers?

3. How do you arrange your program / what is your curation process? For example, do you ever reject a film because it doesn’t fit into the arrangement of the other films / other reasons?

4. How will this festival operate in the COVID world / how has it adapted to the COVID world?

5. What support (if any) do you give to films and artists who perform well or win?

6. How do you determine your selection committee? For example, do you select judges of diverse backgrounds and fields of knowledge?

7. What primary focuses (if any) will this festival have? Would it focus on certain genres, topics, etc?

8. What is the distribution process for selected films from the festival?

9. How can selected films be monetized?

10. Who are your sponsors, if any?

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