Vyre Film Festival Categories

Vyre Network’s first film festival will be supporting a diverse selection of films with its sixteen categories. We will present films for Best Feature Film, Best Short Film, Best Episodic Series, and Best Director Award. The festival will also present documentary films with Best Documentary Feature Length, and Best Documentary Short Film. As a global streaming platform, Vyre will shine the spotlight on international films with Best Spanish Feature Film, Best Spanish Short Film, Best International Feature Film, Best International Short Film, and Best International Episodic Series. Lastly, to honor the less-represented within the American film industry, we will honor female directors with the Best Female Director Award, stand-up comedians with the Spike Did It Comedy Award, young creators of age 16 or under with the Think Watts HQ Young Creators Award, student filmmakers with the Best Student Feature, Short & Documentary Award, and films that bring social issues to light with the Social Awareness Award. Each category has inner categories for Horror, Comedy, Action/Adventure, and Thriller except for Best Director, Best Female Director, Redd Foxx Comedy Award, Social Awareness Award, and Documentary awards.

With these categories, we hope to attract a diverse group of filmmakers who have unique voices to share. We provide the platform for any creator who feels underrepresented or has a unique perspective to show the world.

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